Uneven or balding tread or slow leaks? Jiffy Lube® offers a full range of tire services from tire rotation and re-balancing to installation and inspections.

Tire Services

Tires are the only parts of your vehicle that actually touch the road, so proper inflation, even tread wear and new tires, if necessary, are important. That’s why Jiffy Lube® offers a full range of tire services.

A Penny for Your Thoughts and Possibly for New Tires

One good way to see if you need new tires is to measure your tread depth with a penny. Place a penny with the top of Lincoln’s head facing down in the grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's most likely time to get a new set of tires from Jiffy Lube®. Modern tires also have “wear bars” molded into the tread that show a cross-tire pattern when the tread wears down to a designated level. By the time you see the cross-tire pattern, it’s definitely time to replace the tire.

Under Pressure

Having the correct amount of pressure in your tires means your vehicle is getting optimal contact with the road. Properly inflated tires help improve fuel economy and wear more evenly as well. That’s why the Jiffy Lube® Tire Rotation Service includes checking the tire pressure and inflating or deflating the tires as appropriate to meet your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tire Rotation Service

To feel comfortable on the road, it’s important to have good traction. Due to various factors, including improper alignment, tires may wear unevenly across the tread pattern. Regular tire rotations at Jiffy Lube® can help evenly distribute wear — so you get the most kilometers out of your tires while maximizing traction on all four wheels and helping prevent flat tires. Just another way to Leave Worry Behind®.

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Flat Tire Repair

In the unfortunate event you get a flat tire, come by Jiffy Lube®. Select Jiffy Lube locations offer flat tire repairs, as well as the option to buy brand new ones. So what could have been a major headache is just a minor inconvenience.

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Please note: Not all Jiffy Lube® service centres offer Tire Services. Please call ahead to ensure the service is available. Find Your Jiffy Lube now

Signs and Symptoms You Need To Service Your Tires:
  • #1Excessive wear on either edge of the tread
  • #2Excessive wear in the middle of the tread
  • #3Bubbles or bulges on the outside of the tire
  • #4Needing to add air frequently to a low tire
  • #5Cracking in the sidewall of the tire
  • #6Foreign objects (screws, nails, etc.) embedded in the tread