With more than 2,000 service centres in North America, Jiffy Lube® services approximately 24 million customers each year. In Canada, Jiffy Lube Canada is a division of Shell Canada Products and has over 135 service centres, which are owned and operated by independent Canadian business owners. Jiffy Lube® pioneered the fast oil change industry in the United States in 1979 by establishing the first drive-through service bay, providing customers with fast and professional maintenance service for their vehicles. Jiffy Lube® was created to fill a gap left by the departure of full service gas stations and the emergence of the self-serve model. It also accommodated the shift from the do-it-yourself oil change market (DIY) to the installed motor oil market, or do-it-for-me (DIFM).

In addition to its pioneering business model, Jiffy Lube® is also responsible for some of the major advances in automotive preventive maintenance service.

Jiffy Lube® introduced the now-ubiquitous window cling reminder sticker to help drivers keep track of their oil change intervals.

Jiffy Lube® also uses state-of-the-art computing technology to educate customers about vehicle maintenance services and provides services that satisfy vehicle manufacturers' warranty requirements.

Jiffy Lube® is also widely recognized for its environmentally responsible track record and community service commitments. As a system, Jiffy Lube® collects more used oil than any company in North America. This oil is re-refined and used for industrial applications, such as concrete manufacturing, electricity generation and heating asphalt to pave roads.

Going forward, the Jiffy Lube® brand will continue to grow throughout North America to help consumers everywhere quickly, conveniently and confidently maintain their vehicles.

For more than 25 years, Jiffy Lube® has been an integral part of the North American driving experience. With vehicles playing an ever-more important part of our daily lives, Jiffy Lube® is committed to support drivers with fast, quality preventive maintenance service to keep their vehicles running smoother for longer.