Specially designed for vehicles with over 120,700 km. Helps keep engines that have been around the block a few times running better, longer by reducing oil burn-off, oil leaks and gradual loss of compression.


Oils for high mileage vehicles are generally recommended for use on any ride with over 120,700 km on the odometer. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 years old or 25. As vehicles are used more and the km add up, the likelihood of engine, performance and maintenance issues developing increases as well, making it even more important to keep all maintenance needs up to date.

So What Does High Mileage Oil Do to Help?

As engines wear, seals can shrink and crack. Compression in each of the cylinders can begin to weaken. When those things happen, engines lose performance and start to consume more oil. Not good. Ultimately it can lead to major engine repairs. High mileage motor oil can help slow down engine wear and actually counteract some of the effects of Father Time. Most high mileage motor oils contain special thickeners and conditioning agents that can replenish worn and leaky seals and in many cases actually restore some of the lost compression. It’s not a cure all, but studies have shown high mileage motor oils can reduce oil consumption and keep older engines running healthier, longer. So you can keep the “family” intact. Check a Jiffy Lube® service centre near you to see what type of high mileage oil options are available to help keep your performance up. Another way Jiffy Lube can help you Leave Worry Behind®.

Unsure if high mileage oil is right for you? Your Jiffy Lube® Technician can help you determine exactly which oil is right for you.